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Open by appointment only. All tent packages currently have a 4-12 week lead time; we don't keep a backstock in-store.  

Contact us via sundogindustries@gmail.com, or the contact section of this website for all inquiries.  Inquiries will be responded to within 72 hours.

A sun dog, mock sun. or parhelion is a spectacular display of light and ice. A luminous atmospheric optical phenomenon that has gone by many names in many cultures throughout many ages. Imagine the sun flanked on one side or both by yet another Sun. 

Sustainable agriculture and lifestyle choices that encourage the long-term sustainability of our planet are the guiding concepts that drive our company. Doing no harm while trying to meet the needs of all.

Indoor gardening can supplement your access to fresh vegetables. Being able to garden year-round for hobbyists in our wintery climate zone is a nice option, even for those with a small space to work with.

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